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Welcome to AXS e-Station, your essential payment service.

1. What is AXS e-Station?

AXS e-Station is an online payment channel that aggregates existing AXS service providers to facilitate one-stop payments for bills, fines, eServices and prepaid card top-up for online users.

2. What are the benefits of using AXS e-Station?
The availability of AXS e-Station in providing online payments creates greater convenience for users to make payments any time, any day.

3. Do I need to pay to use the services on AXS e-Station?
No, the services provided are FREE except for Condo/Building payments. An administrative fee of S$1 is applicable for any Condo/Building fees payment.

4. What are the payment services available on AXS e-Station?
The following services are available on AXS e-Station.

  • Bills
  • - General
    - Credits Cards
    - Town Councils
    - Healthcare
    - Loans
    - Insurance
    - Memberships
    - Condo/Building
    - Season Parking

    • Fines (HDB, LTA, NEA, NParks, Singapore Customs, State Courts, Traffic Police, URA)

    • Top-up (Alipay, M1, Singtel, StarHub)

    • eServices (HDB)

    For the full listing of services, click here

    5. Can I perform bill payment, fine payment, top-up and eServices payment together in the same transaction?
    Fines payment and Top-up services have to be performed in separate transactions.

    6. How do I perform a transaction online?
    Online payments can be made in 5 simple steps
    a) At the left menu, select the payment category.
    b) Select your billing organisation, fines agency or telco.
    c) Enter the required information.
    d) Confirm the information at the payment summary page.
    e) Select your mode of payment (eNETS or DBS PayLah!) to proceed with payment.

    A step-by-step guide is available here.

    7. Will I receive a receipt after I complete my transaction?
    Yes, you can choose to receive an eReceipt of your successful transaction by entering your email address on the payment summary page or transaction successful page.

    Alternatively, you can print a physical copy of your successful transaction using the printer-friendly function (located at the top right) at the transaction successful page.

    8. Are the services on AXS e-Station available 24 hours daily?

    Yes, the services are available any day any time, except during scheduled maintenance.

    9. Which browsers are compatible with AXS e-Station?
    The browsers that are compatible with AXS e-Station are as follows:-
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer: version 8 and above
  • Google Chrome: version 18 and above
  • Mozilla Firefox: version 12 and above
  • Apple Safari: version 3 and above
  • Opera: version 10 and above


    1. What is the payment mode available?
    The available payment modes are eNETS and DBS PayLah!.

    eNETS (direct debit) is an online payment facility which allows Internet Banking users to make payment using their bank accounts. It is available to DBS Bank/POSB, OCBC Bank, UOB, Citibank and Standard Chartered Internet Banking users. Users are required to authenticate themselves using Internet Banking User ID, PIN and token.

    DBS PayLah! is a personal mobile wallet which allows users to perform funds transfer via a mobile number. It is available to both DBS/POSB and non-DBS/POSB customers. Users are required to have the DBS PayLah! app installed on their smartphone and a wallet account being registered before making payment on AXS e-Station. For more information on PayLah!, please refer to DBS website (

    2. How do I pay using eNETS as payment mode?

    After confirming the bills/fines/top-up details, follow these steps to effect payment:
    a) Select eNETS as your payment mode.
    b) You will be directed to eNETS payment gateway page.
    c) Select your bank (DBS Bank/POSB, OCBC, UOB, Citibank or Standard Chartered). 
    d) You will be directed to the login page of your selected bank. Enter your internet banking User ID, PIN and token, when requested. 
    e) You will be directed to AXS e-Station transaction successful page if your payment is successful. 

    3. How do I pay using DBS PayLah! as payment mode?

    After confirming the bills/fines/top-up details, follow these steps to effect payment:
    a) Select DBS PayLah! as your payment mode.
    b) Enter your mobile number.
    c) You will receive a notification on your mobile phone. Click on the link in the notification to open your DBS PayLah! app.
    d) Login to your PayLah! account.
    e) Verify your payment details and tap on “Pay Now” to confirm.
    f) Once successful, you will receive a confirmation SMS for your records and you can view your completed transaction on AXS e-Station.

    4. While making payment using eNETS, I encounter a screen to request for me to temporarily disable my pop-up blocker. How do I disable the pop-up blocker?

    Follow the steps below base on the browser that you are using.
      Internet Explorer Step 1: Select Tools from menu bar.
    Step 2: Select Internet Options followed by Privacy.
    Step 3: Under Pop-up Blocker, un-tick Turn on Pop-up Blocker.
    Step 4: Select Close to exit dialog box.
      Safari Step 1: Select Action from menu bar (Action is near the upper-right corner of Safari window and looks like a gear).
    Step 2: Click Block Pop-Up Windows to un-tick.
      Chrome Step 1: Select Chrome menu on the browser toolbar (Chrome menu is at the right side of the URL address bar).
    Step 2: Select Settings followed by Show advanced settings.
    Step 3: Under Privacy, click Content settings.
    Step 4: Under Pop-ups, select Allow all sites to show pop-ups.
    Step 5: Select OK to exit dialog box.
      Mozilla Firefox Step 1: Select Options from menu bar followed by Content.
    Step 2: Un-tick the Block pop-up windows check box.
    Step 3: Select OK to exit dialog box.
      Opera Step 1: Select Tools followed by Preferences (PC users)/ Select Opera followed by Preferences (MAC users).
    Step 2: Select Windows and click black down arrow opposite Pop-ups.
    Step 3: Select Open all pop-ups.
    Step 4: Select Apply and click OK to exit dialog box.

    5. Can I still proceed with my payment if I do not disable my pop-up blocker?

    It is advisable that you temporarily disable the pop-up blocker so that the relevant transaction pages can be displayed properly and your transaction request can be completed successfully.

    6. I am using eNETS DBS to make payment and am prompted to set up my d2pay. Do I have to do the set up every time?

    No, this set up is a one-time process by the Bank and is only prompted if you are making payment using DBS d2pay (via eNETS) for the first time. During this setup process, you are to designate a DBS/POSB savings or current account as your default debiting account and the daily payment limit. The selected account and daily limit will be used for all your future DBS d2pay transactions.

    After the initial set up, the amount will be deducted from your designated account and paid to AXS automatically.

    Here is the process for the one-time DBS d2pay setup process.

    1. After choosing "DBS Bank Ltd" as the payment bank, you will be directed to DBS d2pay login screen.

    Enter your User ID and PIN.

    Select "Submit" to proceed.
    2. Enter the 6-digit iB Secure PIN generated from your iB Secure Device or send to you through SMS.
    3. Set up your d2pay by
    - designating the account type
    - entering the account number (omit the dashes)
    - setting d2pay daily limit

    Select "Submit" to proceed with payment.
    4. Check your payment details and select "Confirm" to proceed.

    For more information on DBS d2pay, please refer to here.

    7. Can I pay with credit cards on AXS e-Station?

    No, payment by credit cards is not available.

    8. What is the minimum and maximum amount I can pay through AXS e-Station in a single transaction?

    The minimum payment amount is determined by the billing organisation/fines agency/telco.

    For eNETS, the maximum payment amount is the daily transaction limit set up, either set by you or the default set by the Bank.

    For DBS PayLah!, the maximum payment amount is either the default transfer limit of $999 or the limit you have set (maximum limit at $999).

    9. Can I make partial payment for my bills (not applicable for Fines and Top-up)?

    Yes, you may choose to make partial payment for your bills as long as it meets the minimum payment amount set by the respective billing organisations.

    10. What is the maximum number of bills, fines or top-up I can pay in a single transaction?

    For bills payment, you can add up to 20 billing organisations in a single transaction. For fines payment, you can pay up to 20 fines from an agency in a single transaction. For prepaid card top-up, you can only perform 1 top-up in a single transaction.

    11. What if I have more than 20 bills or fines to pay?

    You may conduct another transaction for the remaining bills or fines.

    12. How would I know that my payment is successful?

    If your payment is successful, you will see a transaction successful screen and receive an eReceipt for the transaction via email.

    If your payment is not successful, you will see a transaction unsuccessful screen. Follow the on-screen instructions to make your payments again.

    13. How soon will my payment reach the billing organisation/fines agency/telco?

    For bills and fines payment, please allow at least 2 working days for your payment to be reflected at your billing organisation's/fines agency's end.
    For top-up, the top-up amount will be added almost immediately to your prepaid card.

    14. Is the transaction I performed secure?

    AXS adopts/implements the latest security programs and looks to consistently upgrade our system to ensure your transactions are secure and confidential.

    In addition, please remember to clear your browser cache after each transaction. For more tips to enhance online security, please click here.

    15. Who should I contact should there be any discrepancies with my transactions?

    Should you encounter any discrepancies, please contact AXS customer service at 6560 2727 (8am - 10pm daily).

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